Shepherd’s Philosophy:


 Like a shepherd caring for his flock, we strive to bring the customer the best classes, fibers, and yarns to nurture your designs.

We hand dye many of our yarns and fibers locally.
We hope you will be delighted in our knitwear, weavings, 
and art created by our local staff using Lambspun products.
The “Lambspun Flock"


   Lambspun of Colorado Gift Certificate

                        Available for any amount. 

    Call to order 800-558-5262 or 970-484-1998




        Services We Provide
           Professional blocking:
          Complimentary with your purchase
          of yarn at Lambspun. 
          Come in for blocking estimates
          on your sweaters, blankets, etc.
          We repair sweaters, blankets,
          and knitted wearables.
          We can also handwash 
          and help prevent moth damage.
          Finishing projects:
          We block pieces to measurements.
          Sew shoulder seams.
          Set in sleeves, etc.
          Project Parties:
          We coordinate with you for 
          celebrating special events i.e,
          birthdays, ladies’ clubs, parties
          with demonstration or a small
          project class... Call for details.
          Signing books:
          Lambspun is home of the 
          Maggie Sefton cozy knitting
          book series. 
          Come here to buy signed
          copies for yourself and gifts.


Upcoming Classes
Creative Colorado Weaving on a Simple Loom
Saturday, April 26 at 10:00 am
Needle & Wet Felting Camp
Saturday, April 26 at 10:00 am
Weaving Clinic
Monday, April 28 at 12:00 pm
Tunisian Crochet Technique
Tuesday, April 29 at 10:00 am
Special Savings Club
Colorado Wild Flowers

Volume 21 # 2

 NEW! Watercolor felting involves connecting loose fibers into a woven
structure with soap, hot water and agitation. We have created an 
introductory kit out of the five featured fibers, so it will be 
fun and easy for you. 
Latest News
Party for Jill
Thank you to Dru!
National designer Susan Gibbs from Juniper Moon at Lambspun
March 17, 12 - 2 pm

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